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2016 Koi buying trip in Niigata, Japan (16 - 20 March)

24 Mar 2016

                           Hand-picking koi at one of the farms                                      Breeder at Oyaji Farm

The first Koi Hunting trip for 2016 was made middle March and this year's purchase of Tosai (one-year old) is expected to arrive early April.  As usual after the necessary quarantine procedures they are then ready for selection and purchase.

Nice Tosai Kohaku and Tancho are a 'must view' and purchase for this shipment.

                            Hi-grade KohakuTorazo Koi Farm                               Kin-Matsuba - Oyaji Koi farm

Over the last 2 years during koi hunting trips I noticed a gold fish named Tamasaba. Not many breeders are breeding such gold fish.  During this trip I managed to visit about 6 of these breeders to get some understanding of such gold fish and decided to bring them in. My 1st time.

                         Tamasaba One-year old - 1.5 - 2 inches                            After 3 years in tropical countries

Tamasaba gold fish's body is round like a ball (ball is Tama in Japanese) and they have deep red color even without being fed with color food.  In Japan due to the cold weather they grow much slower than in tropical countries like Malaysia.  They can be kept in ponds or even aquarium tanks and live well with koi in the same pond.  They are fearless and are very fast to rush for food during feeding time.  As for speed they are even a lot faster than koi.  As a result over time they become leaders in the pond.... as good a leader as Chagoi!  They are really cute and well liked by koi keepers.  It is said that they bring lots of luck to their owners!  


Since the arrival of Tamasaba as a new product for our outlet, it has been very popular with many customers.  Above photo shows Mr & Mrs Chay selecting total 12 Tamasaba for one of the many ponds they have at home!  We will be getting feedback from them on how they find this new
Tamasaba from Japan.

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