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Buying koi via internet

16 May 2013

Chiller at work during packing

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Above picture shows the 6 koi. Below the plastic bags, ice pack on the right.

After several weeks, Mr Jacky Chan of Bintulu, Sarawak received his koi; happy, excited and a satisfied customer.

It is not that difficult to take pictures of koi now that mobile phones can replace the role of a Nikon or Canon. The only worry is the possible injury to the koi during netting. It is however more time-consuming compared to selling at the outlet. But then, given the convenience and flexibility of computer, a lot of such works could be carried out after operating hours or as and when time permits. So rest assured that you will still get your money's worth. I take the liberty to publish Mr Chan's email received yesterday. Here it goes.......

"Finally, Six quality Koi from Kohaku Koi House swimming snuggling in my pond, a great thank to you, Mr. Ong,

My Koi arrived a bit late this afternoon at 2:00pm (15 minutes delay) but it is worth to wait for my quality Koi. Upon arriving home, I quickly open up the well-packed box with Chiller to lower down the temperature (over at KK House, we use a chiller to bring down water temperature to 20 degree C) all six Koi look healthy and swimming swiftly in my eyes.

It is a new lesson to me too that Koi colour will fade after it was frightened or felt uneasy, especially its black patches on black-based Koi namely, Showa and Utsuri. Thanks God, all colour re-emerged to solid Sumi (black) after some 3-4 hours' rest in my pond.

Wow!!!! I finally got my dream Hi-Utsuri, Showa, Shusui, Doitsu Sanke and Goshiki.

Again, I extend my utmost appreciation to you, Mr. Ong.

Please find the attached photos for more detail, I purposely took them for record for both of us.
I have no objection too if you would like to publish the 3rd picture in your blog, after all, I thank you for introduce all six Koi to me patiently and promptly via email, as well as phone communication.

I guess one of these days I should fly over to Johor to pay a visit to your farm.

It is a start but not end, for Koi hobbyists here in Bintulu.

Jacky JH Chan"

Well Mr Chan, I have said in my reply to your email that I am glad for you. I would also like to thank you for your support, you had been such a pleasant customer!

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