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Filtration system for Koi pond

16 May 2013

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Above is a pond built without adequate filtration and totally without any water circulation jets or surface venturi. After having assessed the pond we designed and installed the piping system and built a filter (outside house compound) to effectively support the 10-ton pond. We prefer bottom drain pipes to be elbow-free, but for this one, given the already built structure hindering the way, we had no choice but to use elbows.

We have come across many koi ponds built without careful consideration for their filtration capability. As a result, pond water becomes 'green' and worst still the koi's waste not effectively moving to the filter and koi ended up living in a confined water pond with their own wastes!

For koi to stay happy in a confined water pond, the basic idea is to have their wastes moved to a filter box (it's a pond's refuse bin) as effectively as possible. This is best done by a bottom drain.

If you are not too happy with your koi pond, feel free to get in touch with us.

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