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Submersible UV tube

26 Sep 2013

                                   UV tubes in crates shipped and received end August                Un-packed UV tubes now on display

Submersible UV tube is an important accessory for Koi pond as it helps to get rid of 'algae bacteria' in water that cause water to turn green.  UV tubes are designed to last for 10 months.  Over the years sumbersible UV tubes purchased from local suppliers often fell short of expectations.  

The most frequent problem was the whole tube not working within few weeks.  This was due to the breakdown of the PCB Board components when subjected to higher than the operating voltage of 220 to 240.  Occasionally operating voltage could surge to as high as 260 and damage the PCB board.  The manufacturer we are working with now has designed its PCB boards to withstand voltage of up to 260 volts.  With this, hopefully customers with our latest submersible UV tubes will have less problems.

We now carry submersible UV tubes 10, 20, 30 and 40 watts. 

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